SHARING SESSION – As a member of Green Leaders Global, we want to sit down with you, one-on-one, to get a thorough understanding of your organization. We will make sure you learn about our group as well.Therefore, we call this meeting a “Sharing Session,” allowing us to educate one another. Prior to meeting, we will exchange and review material about one another’s work to gain preliminary knowledge. However, the session will extend much farther. We will learn about each other’s projects, successes, goals, and challenges. We will share our plans for the years ahead and discover the best way we can work together. The Sharing Session is complimentary and each member receives one as part of our welcome.


COCKTAIL HOURS - When Green Leaders Global members unite, they engage in deep conversation with one another, challenging each other, fostering dialogue, and forming strong relationships.Connecting on a regular basis in an environment that encourages discussion and collaboration is crucial. At Cocktail Hours, not only do members listen to insight from peer leaders on timely topics, but our Cocktail Hours have become a forum where great minds connect, ideas are born and collaborations create opportunities that drive change.


FEATURED HOST – At each Cocktail Hour, we welcome a guest speaker, or “Featured Host,” to give a 10-minute talk on our group’s timely theme. For 2009 – 2010, our focus was on how the nature affects our economy. We welcomed Fabien Cousteau to speak on how aquatic ecosystems affect global economics. Previous speakers have included Woody Tasch of Investor’s Circle, Tensie Whelan of The Rainforest Alliance, Paul Mankiewicz of The Gaia Institute, and Wendy Brawer of Green Map System, among others. Having Featured Hosts enables our members to gain knowledge and insight from peer leaders and experts on timely topics.


QUICK TALKS – At Cocktail Hours, aside from our Featured Host, we welcome our Green Leaders Global members to share the spotlight. “Quick Talks” enable members to communicate relevant news and opportunities before the evening’s feature presentation. There are 1 – 3 Quick Talk slots for each Cocktail Hour that are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. To ensure adequate visibility of our diverse group, each member may speak no more than one time each year.


MEMBER EATS AND MEMBER BITES – Creating relationships in today’s fast-paced world is not easy. Each of us moves so quickly that we often forget to stand still. At Green Leaders Global, we understand the value of sitting down for an hour or two and getting to know one another on a deeper level.Members are more likely to work with one another after enjoying a meal together because they feel a stronger level of comfort with the person and have a better sense of how they may collaborate and conduct business. Therefore, this program enable us to meet one another on an intimate and unstructured basis. Over a healthy, nutritious meal (“Member Eats”), or hors d’oeuvres (“Member Bites”), conversation unfolds organically.Aside from engaging in a relaxing evening over good food, members will discuss their work and challenge one another.

For the purpose of uniting leaders worldwide, we may even arrange a face-to-face webcam meal between leaders in New York and leaders in another country.We take advantage of today’s technology that allows our members in New York City to have breakfast with leaders in Hong Kong during their dinnertime.

DECLARATIONSNEW– When fresh ideas emerge from conversations at Cocktail Hours or Member Eats, our leaders may announce they intend to follow their inspiration and commit to bringing a new vision to life. Therefore, they create a “Declaration”, announcing they will drive the new idea forward. One leader owns the Declaration and forms a team or committee to drive the project forward.When a Declaration eventually becomes reality, it is deemed a success story. Green Leaders Global then publicizes the new business, project or organization that betters the planet.


COLLABORATIVE EXCHANGENEW – Your work is extraordinary and needs no introduction. However, there is strength in numbers of leaders. Our rapidly growing network of people in the environmental world is full of leaders who are seeking collaborators, partners, clients, funds, or services, just like you are. Clearly, from your achievements, your success sees no limitations. Upon getting to know you in our Sharing Session, we have a strong idea of who you would like to connect with and visa versa. Perhaps you have a conference to promote, a venture to raise money for, or a speaker to find for an event. It’s possible you have exhausted your network on a certain initiative and are in need of an outside vehicle. Maybe you know everyone in your industry sector, but you would like to explore other markets for a new venture. You want insider knowledge. As a leader, you understand our global landscape is always changing and the learning process never ends.

We have created the “Collaborative Exchange” initiative to serve you with value added functions that range from business development, marketing, and consulting to fundraising, partnership development and investments. From decision maker to decision maker, we can serve as an intermediary catalyst for knowledge and action.


THE COLLECTIVE – Green Leaders Global currently has 1,000 members in the five boroughs of New York City and is in the process of establishing a global presence. Since each of our leaders is an exceptional individual, we recognize that communication with our members is an influential form of media. “The Collective” is a series of e-newsletters exclusively for Green Leaders Global members. It connects our industry insiders, serving as an aggregate of what our leaders are doing in the green movement today. Not only does The Collective distribute news, but it also circulates partner invitations created solely for our members.